Finally getting out on my first trail this year!

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been forced to change plans so many times with the covid lockdown and things opening then closing then reopening.

Finally after rapid changes of plans on the 5th of August I’ll be starting the Cotswolds Way! I was meant to do this back in March but we went in to lockdown just as I was mean to be starting. I ended up cancelling the time off because I was needed in work more than I needed time off.

So I’ve now picked up where I left off with the planning finalised a few details I hadn’t sorted and I also have company for this one! They’ll be joining and hopefully completing their first multiday trail so thankfully it’s an ‘easier’ one.

I’m also finalising my pack list and will hopefully have it completed in the next few days. I would like to avoid going in shops on the route so I’m carrying much more food than I would for a trip that’s so close to towns. (I had lots of DIY dehydrated meals prepped ready for a 300 mile hike that got cancelled too).

Here’s hoping nothing else happens that causes me to have to rapidly plan a different trip 😂 at least I’m getting good at it now 🤣

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