Guidebooks, could they be better?

Hello everyone, I hope you are keeping well!

If like me you’ve been using your abundance of free time to plan future hiking/walkings trips I’ve no doubt you’ll have come across guidebooks. From the general area books from lonely planet right down to books for specific treks there’s a guidebook for everything!

For me, I tend to get books for specific hiking trips or walking in a region I’ll be visiting, most of the books I have are from one publisher and they’re good for getting a rough idea, maps in the books can be very vague, details can go out of date and sometimes they aren’t updated that often.

I have however got a guidebook from a new publisher Knife edge Outdoor Guidebooks written by Andrew McCluggage, Walking Brittany.

Do I really need to caption this?

Straight away the book is a lot more vibrant to the normal books I get and honestly this is a good thing. The guidebooks I currently have make me think of some stuffy old men who would rather read about the trip then actually get out and do it. The vibrant colour photography isn’t limited to just the front cover like some I’ve seen, the quality pictures are throughout the book.

Locations of the walks in the book.

Just inside the front cover you get a nice overview of the location of all the walk within so you can easily flick to the area you are going to be.

Yep I used my living room floor for the background.

The layout of these books is great, you have an information page with a small blurb and then details about the walk like what type of walkway (track/footpath/road etc) then to the side you get more detailed information.

These little bits are really helpful when you are trying to plan a trip, yes some people will be faster and some will be slower than the stated time but it’s a nice average. Also knowing what map is extremely helpful as you can purchase before you go and there’s no faffing around trying to figure out which map you actually need!

Not that you’ll need maps to do these walks as the book uses IGN 1:25k mapping in the book. IGN maps are nice and it’s a great detail to have included.

IGN insert

With each walk they start/finish points have been included using what3words, also any access details are included. These aren’t included in other guidebooks I’ve got, I’ve turned up to do a walk and it’s not always been obvious or clear how to get to the start. Having the food and drink section lets you know if you need to bring your own vin rouge/bière in a flask for when you’re done walking!

Overall I’m very impressed with these new guidebooks and they do feel like a step forward from previous styles. I will be looking at getting more as and when they become available.

Other guidebooks available include Walking Chamonix-Mont Blanc, Walkers Haute Route: Chamonix to Zermatt and The Mourne Mountains.

Next time you’re looking for inspiration or a specific guidebook have a look at Knife Edge and see if they can help you out. For this book click HERE.

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